Forever Cancer Journey

Welcome to my journey. In May 2018 my whole life was turned upside down when a lump on the inside of my armpit turned into Metastatic triple negative Breast Cancer. I was 41 years old and I was informed that I had Cancer that I would have forever. The doctors couldn’t tell me what forever would even look like. I had a 2% chance of living the year. However, when I showed up in the hospital with 26 blood clots in my lungs I was told I may not live the night. Given no other choice I was placed on Chemo Therapy immediately and left with way more questions than answers. This blog started out as a way for me to let my friends and family know was alive.

Recently a diagnosis of Cancer on my brain changed the prognosis of maybe get a year back to absolutely day by day. Nothing changes your life more than having absolutely no timeline. I am living what may seem like a dream. I have moments to live and it has been the best moments of my life. I am writing, eating, spending genuine moments with my family and friends because I only am guaranteed moments. When that happened I decided to live my life instead of die a little each day living in pain and resentment. This is an honest account of what I am learning from all of this and a memoir for when I may not have another moment. Each day I learn and see miracles. I grow in faith and love. Essentially I had to Die to live and I am enjoying sharing with you everyday. Welcome to my Joy.