My God Story

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I can’t say I always believed but I can say that now. About five years ago my life was in turmoil. I had been sick for a bout again. When I would get sick it would usually last for a few months. I would have daily shooting pain, extreme fatigue and I would have blood pressure issues. Generally I would get pulse raising until I would black out and I would not be able to stand without falling down. I would also get nauseous. The doctors could not find anything conclusively wrong so they eventually called it Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I called it hell. I had to get my Dad up to help with the kids. It was just after my Dad left and I was feeling a bit better that I realized there was something wrong with my relationship to my husband. We had gotten so distant that I didn’t even see him as a part of our household. I told him we needed therapy. At the same time I had heard about these meetings at the church for people who felt lost. It was called Celebrate Recovery. Not being a person who did anything in a small way I decided I was going to check this group out as well.

So here I was in a trial seperation with my husband going to Friday night meetings and therapy trying to find some sense of life again. My only problem was at these meetings people kept saying ” I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ”. It frustrated me. I was a practical person who understood Jesus Christ as a story in a book. I never completely understood the relationship with Jesus concept before. My family believed in God sort of but it was not a well explained belief. It was like God was an oversear and he would once in a while help people when he deemed it necessary. Prayers were kind of last resorts in times of trouble.

After voicing my frustrations to the group a lady came up to me and asked me if I would let her watch my children. I thought what a weird thing to say. I politely told her no and she said she didn’t think I would. Then she said if we had coffee together once a week for a while and I had to step out for five minutes would I then allow her to watch my kids. I told her it would be more likely. She then went on to say eventually if we spent enough time getting to know one another that I would probably be alright with her minding my kids. I agreed. She explained that having a relationship with Jesus was the same as she described. It was about getting to know each other and giving him baby steps of trust until eventually you trust him in your heart.

So me being me, I gave him a whopper of a task. I was going to Whistler and I am a person who has huge anxiety when it comes to my family and safety. The kids wanted to go zip-line and I knew how much anxiety that would be for me. I said “Jesus if you are real and want to have a relationship with me than I have to get through Zip-lining alive and without the torture of anxiety”. It was a tall order that I was almost sure was going to fail but I did it anyway. The day of Zip-lining arrived and I was to go down my first run. I waited for the heart racing and the lump in my throat to form but it didn’t come. I went down the line and I felt nothing. I was completely shocked. Then the real test came. My youngest daughter was strapped to one of the workers and they lost momentum half way. He had to hand pull her in and I still did not feel the crippling hand of anxiety. By this time I would probably have turned around and said I’m done but I didn’t. I felt peace it was very strange. Then the winds had picked up and they told us for safety we had to let go of the ropes we were holding and fly down in a star position. Still no anxiety. At the end I got so empowered I went down upside down. I had felt peace and taken care of.

By the end of the trip Jesus had taken me through a number of my fears. We went Horseback riding and White water rafting where abouts my kids fell out of the raft. I survived it with a feeling of assurance that we were being taken care of. It was enough for me to begin believing and to want to know Jesus more.

When I came home I began to pray in gratitude and I began to ask questions. As time went on my relationship grew to a point where I could go to a meeting and say Hi My Name is Brandie and I am a Grateful Believer in Jesus Christ. I am glad I took the chance to have coffee with Jesus. He had walked with me in some very trying situations and he continues to walk with me through this most trying situation. I am glad we are friends. So God Bless to all of you my friends and thanks for listening 😊

One thought on “My God Story

  1. Donalyn Preuter says:

    very touching, Brandie, so glad to hear a part of your story and how Jesus has blessed you!! This is encouraging too. ❤


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