My House

In 1999 I moved into my first house in Blackfalds. It was a two bedroom unfinished house on a newly developing street. I didn’t love my house but there were things I loved about it. I loved that I brought my babies into my house. I loved the neighbors and I loved my big soaker tub that I could put all three of my babies in at once if I wanted to. Watching my kids grow in that house was such a blessing words could not express. It was in that house that I fine tuned my building skills. I built the basement at night when my kids slept. Eventually I got some help from my family but that made it even more special. I had a special love for building and renovating.

In 2009 the oilfield shut down and I was stuck with a mass of debt that I couldn’t get out of with my husband not working. We went to a financial specialist who told us to bankrupt and foreclose. I was heartbroken. All of our hard work and memories down the tube. On the plus side I had a lot of building experience so I took those skills and renovated a trailer for our family to live in. It was a blessing in a horrible time. It allowed me to keep myself busy doing something I loved doing to keep my mind off of the terror I felt of  being bankrupt and raising my kids in poverty. We made the best of it.

In 2010 my bankruptcy was over and my Mother helped us find a rent to own on a quiet close that was being reconstructed. I was thrilled to move back into a house where I felt was safer for my kids. We have lived in this house for 8 years and we got to know the neighbors really well.  We have come to love this house. When it came time to buy the house that was another story. In 2015 we had accumulated the money we needed to buy the house. We were really excited about buying because my youngest daughter and I had a design game that we played together using the actual dimensions and layout of the house. Once again designing a house has made me and my family closer and happier. This year we figured we would be able to buy the house. My husband found a steady job and the owner said he would put up most of the down payment. once again we were happy. The owner informed us he was retiring and he was going to put the house up for sale in April. The pressure was on but we were sure we could make it. Then I got the cancer news. Once again we were shattered by some new life tragedy getting in the way of our happiness.

The other day I was told by a nurse that I had to find little reasons to push further than the diagnosis. I decided to write a bucket list and right at the top of my list was buy and renovate my house with my daughter. It doesn’t seem possible right now but I believe in the power of prayer and I really want  to be happy like I was when I was renovating the other houses with my family.  Last night I was not feeling well and my son came in to see me. He is 18 years old and works full time. He says ” Mom I want to help you buy the house” He asked me how much money I needed for a down payment and then told me he would co-sign with us if he could as long as it took one worry of my mind. I cried happy tears. My son wanted to help me be happy and make my dreams come true.  I am very humbled by his love. It is amazing how much in life we have to be grateful for. Well I am happy for my houses.  They brought my family and me together. They brought out our creativity and often the designing gave us hours of Pinterest searching and dreaming. I am blessed. So today I write this in honor of my house. May God allow us to buy and renovate it so that we can have many more memories together. God Bless Everyone. 🙂

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