Good Memories

I saw a program the other day. It talked about how moments turned into experience and experiences turned into moods that eventually turned into personality traits. When I look back at my memories I find that there was always a struggle that went along with my experiences. When I had my babies I almost died each time from different difficulties and complications. My pregnancies were the same. I realized that struggling may have been one of those experiences that turned into a mood that became a personality trait. I would like to change that. I would like to look back into my memories and pull out the good moments without the struggle and maybe change my mood to replace that personality trait. No more struggle would be nice. I would also like to do this so that if my children are ever interested in my life they can look at this blog and get to know me better. Therefore I am going to try to make this a regular practice. Please feel free to enjoy my good memories as much as I hope to enjoy the smile I get when I remember them.

One of favorite memories happened Christmas day. My son Cole was around 6 or 7 years old. For fun we used to visit Toys R Us at the mall and sit on the bikes and motorized cars they had for kids. My son loved wheels. He got his first skateboard when he was five. He had a train set that he would design tracks so that he could make the trains do tricks. Everytime we went to Toys R Us he would sit on the motorized motorcycle and pretend he was a police officer. Sometimes he would give me a ticket.

As Christmad was approacging I had searched around and was actually able to find a motorized police motorbike for kids on line. I believe it was from Sears. We wrapped it up just waiting in anticipation to see Coles face when he unwrapped his Christmas present the next day. The morning came and we let Cole open the big present first. He tore through the paper and when he realized what it was he slapped his hands to his face looked us right in the eyes and yelled out ” I am so happy”. I almost cried. I had never seen anyone have such a moment of joy like that in my life. He tore up the neighborhood on that police motorbike and loved every minute of it. I was just so glad to experience that moment. It is one of my favorite memories and I was so glad I could do that for him. Life is truly about the moments that take your breath away. I hope you all have many moments you can look back on that make your heart feel warm like this one does for me. God Bless šŸ™. I wish many great memories to you all.

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