Good Memory Hawaiian Whores

Some of my favorite memories have been when we were on vacation. About 7 years ago we received a great deal on a Hawaiian Vacation. It was supposed to be a kitchenette room right beside a grocery store so we were set. Or so we thought. One of my biggest issues with vacations for me is allergies. We tend to find time shares so that we get a stocked kitchen and I can make meals for us so we don’t run into any trouble. This time we thought the kitchenette would do but after our first grilled cheese sandwich sounding off the fire alarm systems in the whole floor we decided it best we find other food sources.

We found a beautiful brunch buffet tucked away in a hotel off of the main strip where we were able to grab breakfast and some snacks for the days. Usually we were on a tour to some place so they provided food. Hawaii was actually quite amazing at dealing with allergies ahead of time. Which just made the place so memorable. It was great to feel relaxed and taken care of.

In the process of a week we went to a Lual camp, swam with the dolphins, toured the aquatic center and the zoo. We were busy but happy and so impressed with the people there. In the morning we would walk to the beach and swim or play in the sand. We walked a lot in Hawaii.

We went on a snorkeling trip by the New Disney Resort and all Ken could dream about was playing golf on one of those lush tropical greens. The place was so beautiful. We were there during the filming of one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies so we even got to see the Black Pearl in all its glory. I really did love Hawaii. The laid back atmosphere of its people made me want to live there. My favorite memories were of walking in the warm rain of the Hawaiian streets. There was always a market across the street from our hotel that had fresh tropical fruit that was amazing. The streets had little houses with many interesting plants and fruits. It really was a paradise.

For about a year before this vacation my daughter had taken a liking to a TV show about Horders. She was always amazed at how much junk and animals people could accumulate over time. Being one of her favorite shows it was no wonder when we walked by a little house along the warm Hawaii street what caught her eye. A lady was sweeping of her steps and on top of her house was no less than 1000 or more pigeons. My daughter Emily yelled out at her loudest excited voice “Mom! That is one of those Whores!” . I was torn. First I couldn’t see how she thought this sweet old lady could possibly be a lady of the night. Next the look on the ladies face was shock. So Emily seeing our confusion yells out louder ” look Mom at all the birds on the house she must be one of those Whores like on TV”. Epiphany hit me as I realized she was trying to tell me that the lady was a horder. I yelled out ” oh a hoarder. ” That’s when the rest of my family caught on and we scurried away as fast as we could laughing with tears in our eyes. It’s funny of all the wonderful moments of Hawaii this one was my absolute favorite. I hope this put a smile on your face. God Bless šŸ™

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