Good Memories: Drive in movies, horseracing, and magic cigarettes.

Today I was asked to write a memorial for my Uncle who had died from a Stroke about a month ago. They are having a service for him and apparently I am the writer in the family. As I was trying to go way back in to the depths of my memories I remembered a couple of things that I don’t know if my children know of. It is all based around Sackville Nova Scotia. The first memory that came was one where my uncle Darryl took me to the races. My Uncle’s loved the races. I would not be surprised if secretly they were millionaires by the amount they bet on different races. I was probably five or six and I just the animals were cool. Uncle Darryl put a bet down for me and I think I won because I remember him giving me a bunch of yummy food. Hot Dogs and ice cream stick out but I am sure there was French fries and gravy as well. I was a kid so I didn’t really need money but I could definitely be bought off with some ice cream.

The best part about that whole experience was I got to spend quality time with my extended family. Growing up in the Airforce made it hard for me to have lots of time with my Uncle’s and Aunt’s so it is nice to have that memory.

Then I started thinking about Sackville and I remembered the drive in movie theater there. When I was really young I remember going to the drive in movies. I remember being in my Jammies with homeade popcorn and a snuggly blanket to keep warm. I don’t know if we ever watched a whole movie because I also remember being carried into the house after these movies having obviously fallen asleep. I wish we still had drive in movies. There was a different feeling at the drive in. Just more exciting, warm and comfortable than normal movie theater experiences.

Across from the drive in movies area was a Pizza Hut. One time we went to the pizza hut and my Dad did what we thought was a magic trick. We were so hungry and getting a little cranky. Dad said do you really want the pizza to come and of course we said yes. Then Dad told us some story and we would all say Dad you said you could get us the pizza and he would pretend like he forgot then he said ok watch this. This was back when you could smoke in restaurants he reached over, grabbed the ashtray, made a big exaggeration of lighting up his cigarette then stopped and looked at us and asked “are you sure you want the pizza to come? “. Of course we were crazy by this time. Yes we wanted our pizza. So Dad lit up his cigarette and sure enough the lady comes right behind him with the pizza. My Dad said it happens every time he lights up. I thought his cigarettes were magic.

When I had my kids I didn’t have magic cigarettes or drive in movies but I tried to replicate these things with fireworks. I would bring popcorn and blankets and watch the fireworks in the back of the minivan with the kids in the same manner. And when we went to restaurants about the time I figured the food would be coming out I would go to the bathroom. I’d say it always happens I have to go to the bathroom and the food comes without me. They had a magic bathroom I had magic cigarettes. It’s nice having magic in the world and those memories made me smile after a pretty long crappy week in the hospital. I hope it reminds you of happy memories in the drive in too. Please comment about your good memories as well. You can’t have too many smiles and these things make me smile. Happy Monday.

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