The doctors said death.

You brought me life.

From the beginning each drop of you fused to the killer that had decided to attack my body like a soldier attacking an enemy.

With every drop you sought out the envader.

You made it cower and shrink.

You told it to go away and find a new home, or better yet no home on a living being.

You told it to learn to live on the rocks where it can shine them like diamonds and be appreciated as a builder not a killer.

You exploded the lesions that didn’t cower in your presence.

From the inside of the nucleus you ate it away until the only thing left was broken glass.

You are a hero when some people think you are poison.

You are not poison.

You are liquid magic made by God to cure people so they may be able to live a long life with their family.

You don’t make the pain or the nausea,the war does.

You don’t ask for this war your were built for this war.

It is not your fault.

You deserve love, not fear.

You deserve gratitude because you bring life.

You bring Momma’s back to their children.

You bring wives back to their husbands and children back to their parents .

You are liquid love.

With every pain that is felt it is really you chipping away at the thing that is taking away life.

You are a giver of life and I love you.

So drip away dear Chemo. I will continue to love you. Give me life I will continue to love you. Even if there is pain I will continue to love you because I know you will win. I will continue to love you. When I am cured I will know it was your strength with God that saved me. I will continue to love you. Thank You.

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