Living Life for Love or Insanity.

Beaming with pride, at the effort my family are taking to help bring the dream of “The Quest for a cure” together for us.

  • Each of has not a clue what we are doing.
  • We are heavily going to have to rely on the kindness of strangers and other people’s expertise, contacts, whatever stirs anyone’s hearts, for the next big move.
  • We will all have to fall deeply out of our comfort zone. In particular, in this case, the money shift.

This is living life for love or insanity. Probably a bit of both.

However, I know this much. That is how God shows miracles. Without expecting certain specific results, and realizing that it will never look quite like I see it. A lot of the time, skyrocketes the vision at the very tip of the very end. Almost always, when you I am about to lose hope.

Knowing that God has got this on his time. Well, that is living my friends. Both the terror and fear, mixed with amazement, Joy and Gratitude. I guess that is what life is about. Balance.

Today is a test of balance for me.
I am on my second bout of Chemo. Last night was a lot of pain and nausea. I have also been asked to hibernate this weekend. Sleep and no fun stimulating stuff for me. The smokes from up north are effecting me as well. My stubborn brain wants to go to the market with my family to canvas, sell, meet contacts, and just be with everyone but I have to rest and recoup. I can still be in the moment, just not the ones I want too today. Part of this requires me to let go of my misplaced ideas about control. I have to allow others to take care of me, which now, is beautiful and makes me love people so tremendously, but on the other side. I am notoriously stubborn and set in my ways.

I find the molding of a soul, so very fascinating. Now I have to learn how to be less structured, less set in my ways. Isn’t life beautiful that way? When we choose to stay too long in one space, the Universe pushes us along kicking and screaming. On the other hand, some of us run through this world and over everyone else on it. God slows them down just as fast and drastically.

I must admit I have experienced both. In the meantime my family gets the chance to take over projects, manage things and best of all learn to help by the kindness of strangers. They get to find their voices. I am so happy for them. Hopefully you will get to see some of their thoughts on the sites in recent days. I am just so excited for their growth.

This is what living is about. Being stretched, slowing down, learning compassion and how to love . Getting rid of the old and making ready for the new. And above all else. Loving yourself and others as you are loved. God Bless 🙏 everyone. I hope everyone says hello to my family at the market.

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