About fifteen years ago I discovered meditation. I asked out loud, how do I help myself find a moment of peace from my head? See ,that is thing. I was never away from my head. It was a constant, chatting, menace, that I could not shut up. Along with it came an energy that was so weird, I can only describe it as an electronic wire that is flowing around a puddle. It is wild and unfocused. It could zap the whole puddle any second. I just could not sit still.

I got an answer to my prayer in a Facebook ad for something called holosync binary beats. It was a meditation that used what they called brain confusion. The sounds would trick your brain into going into different states like beta, alpha, theta states which apparently mimics our sleep patterns. The thing is I never slept. I had trouble sleeping when I turned twelve and didn’t sleep until they medicated me two years ago. The forced meditation actually worked for that weird energy thing I got.

I didn’t realize it until a few months later when I went to Canada Day celebrations. My usual Canada Day celebrations consisted of me taking the kids to the concessions, getting food, sitting to eat the food and then go somewhere else. I couldn’t sit still, so there was no way I could watch the shows or relax for a second. But this time was different. I actually sat down and stayed the whole time. I relaxed with my kids and actually got into the moment. It was glorious relief.

I continued the practice for a long time and I can say that meditation has done me a load of good through this process. I have had some interesting procedures, that without being able to do meditation, I would not have been able to do. One of them is MRI,s . I have actually had an hour MRI with , unbeknownst to me, a lung full of embolisms . I had a mask over my face in this process. I don’t know if you ever had an MRI, but it is a little freaky being placed in a tube in general. It feels like a coffin. It is loud and you have to keep very still. Add to that, a mask over your face , and it could be an anxiety attack waiting to happen. However, when I go into these machines now I do a meditation called a body scan. I scan my feet and I feel my socks. I scan the next part and so on. What happens now is time stands still and I become relaxed. It helps tremendously with pain control and often it actually helps make the scans go faster because I really don’t move.

The other day I did a bone scan and my husband watched me. He said I was so still he actually got scared for a moment. It is a real blessing that I can do this now and I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from really anything. I would not be able to get through some of these procedures without it and honestly, when you do it enough, you can feel what I can only describe as the ultimate peace. May peace be with you all.

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