Wow over miracles!

*Disclaimer* I had to share this. However, I didn’t want to name the company, as I don’t know if that would cause any conflict for this place and or deminish the experience for the angel lady who gave me my Wow moment. If you want to know the place though. I would be happy to share the name in a messanger message, and leave it to God.

Story:. Today I woke up in a Dex rage. These are basically uncontrollable rages you get on steroids, that make you feel like PMS, psychotic and an Olympic athlete all at the same time. You also get something called moon face.

(No I am not naked just have my shirt down for gravol😜.)

I looked in the mirror and I was stunned to see a whole new face looking back at myself. My husband says ” what pants do you have”? I was dumbfounded. My brain couldn’t register. In a matter of weeks I have put on 45lbs and my clothes don’t only not fit, but they feel itchy. I broke down in what could only be thought off as an over stimulation freeze. I couldn’t move forward or back. I just sat there . However, we had an oncologist appointment in Calgary ,so we had to go. In an effort to get back to God and choose happiness I wrote this statement “Be enthralled (state of WoW over miracles. )

I didn’t think much of it after that. After the oncologist appointment I was in a good place. The Dex crazy left and my husband decided to get gas ,because it was cheaper, and that was his Joy. I get the idea to have German food and I think let’s Google GPS what’s closest and just do it.

We find this beautiful German restaurant set around some trees past Downton Calgary. It had a bakery beside it with fancy homemade desserts. The atmosphere was so soft and peaceful for me that I could feel nothing but Joy. I felt the need to go outside on the patio. It was just beautiful out there. Even if there was a chance of rain it was worth it because it felt so peaceful and joyful by the flowers and the trees.

I told the waitress I wanted to try the Jaeger schnitzel, because I loved mushroom sauce and I ate it when I was kid. I just took in the food. It was gorgeous. At the end of the meal I was paying and the waitress says how was it. I hear the spirit say tell her my story. So I say to her about a month ago the cancer moved into my brain and ever since I have been living this most profound amazing life. I said the food you served me taste so amazing because I can feel the love in it. The love you gave me, from taking my food and my allergies into account. The love and the passion of the person who cooked it. You don’t even know who I am but you show me love by not wanting me to die. I can see and tell you about your incredible blue silver eyes. She grabs the pay box right away and says nope this is not yours. This one is on me. You touched my heart. 💓. Then she ran off and I was sitting there shocked in the Wow of the moment.

My husband scrambled to give her a tip but I stopped him because the spirit said that would be controlling her moment and that is not the point of this. But I wanted to say something. God opened the opportunity there again. I locked eyes on her and both of us at the same time said can I hug you. We did and I even noticed how nice she smelled. We both left so full with love and I hear in my head.

“Be enthralled a state of WoW over miracles”.

Such an amazing life I am living right now. I hope you are always Wow with life. God Bless ❤️

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