Happy Father’s Day to my Hero’s.

Exactly one year ago yesterday, I went to a walk in doctor just after a CT scan because I was finishing off my tests for the breast Cancer diagnosis. My tremendous Dad, had come up from Nova Scotia, to help me through the medical tests I had to do because my husband worked in Fort McMurray. I was finding the coughing was bothering me and I was now starting to get some very strange symptoms. I remember the first time I got an Aura when I was driving. My one eye had started to see swirling rainbow lights out of nowhere. I needed help and my Dad was blessing to be there for me.

I had walked in the walk in doctors office and the on call doctor barely even look at me before she said for me to get my butt to the ER now. I remember being a bit indignant because a week before I had gone to two different walk ins because of the coughing. I received two prescriptions for different types of inhalers and reactine. Why was it so important now? The doctor said you have cancer you could have blood clots. Wow that changed the haste a little bit.

When I got to the ER they got me in the ER rooms very fast to have a lung x-ray. The next thing I knew I was being hooked up to oxygen , multiple inhalers and blood thinners. Not to mention another CT.

I watched as my fathers face turned into pure terror. Helplessness enveloped him when the doctor said that his baby girl didn’t just have cancer but I have twenty six blood clots and I may not live the night.

At the same time my husband, father to my babies, was on the phone with me. He asked if he should come home from fort McMurray and I figured I was fine. Once the oxygen went on I was feeling so much better. When he hears what the doctor says he went in to direct panic mode. He told me that he agonised all night wondering if he was going to make it home before I died. He worried about being a single Dad. He was was scared to death. It was his friends who were also Dads who went out of their way to get him home as fast as they could. His company was incredible. I couldn’t have been more grateful.

Then my step Dad and my Mom came into the hospital room to give my Dad a break and to visit with me. My Step Dad has the most generous heart. He sees that you like something, like pudding or sponge candy and he will go out of his way to get it for you. That night he brought stories of hope to bring my spirits up. He has taken me to appointments even when it meant he may have to call 911 along the way.

The thing is, I never appreciated any of them as much as I do right now. I always believed as a parent we do what we do and should not expect appreciation. That is our job right? Well no it is not our job. Our only job is to live and breathe. Everything else we do for Love with no expectation of a thank you in return. But boy the look of Joy they get when you let them know how much you appreciate them and Love them. It is priceless.

So this day is special to me for two reasons. Today I beat the odds numerous amounts of time but I beat the big statistic of not making it a year. I have made it. Today I really celebrate the Dads in my life. Each of them my hero’s in their own right. It was my Dad’s yelling and my husbands tears that got the Oncologist to treat me within a week, which probably saved my life.

It was my Step Dad who helped us get a house and made it possible to go to Calgary for treatments . That saved me.

It was my Dad taking over for my husband so he could go back to work. That saved me. And it is my husband who does so much for us and our family that I could write a book on his love everyday.

They are all my hero’s and I love them so much. So cherish yours Dad’s. Lift them up with love because they may not need it, nor expect it. But they are worth it. Happy Father’s Day everyone. Bless you all.🥰

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