Theoretical Money.

Living by the Grace of God has been an interesting experience for my whole family. The ideas we have about money, in general, are hard to get around. However, imagine having no real paycheck?

My husband would go to work and make a paycheck. Each month we had an idea of what we made and we would budget for it. Sounds very simple right? Most of us live that way at some time in our lives. But, we now have to work on theoretical money. We make money from people’s kindness. They hear our story and they want to help. I am so blessed by those amazing people, who give with their hearts and their money , my cup runneth over.

Now , we also have our t shirts that we sell at the market. Those help as well, but again, we have no idea week in, week out, whether or not they will make anything. We have my Mom who helps out tremendously, but again no steady. The only steady we have is a small retirement fund from the government.

So how do you budget for money that doesn’t exist in your bank right now? The funny thing is, that most business owners live this way daily. It is basically a combination of living on faith and trust in yourself. I heard this saying once that said a bird does not depend on the strength of the branch he lands on but on the ability of his wings. I can understand that saying. It basically means that he or she is a strong little bird, who will make sure they land strong or fly away if they make a decision that is the wrong one. However, I also believe that the birds don’t ever question where they land because, like my cats, they just don’t care. They just move when necessary.

This brings us back to living on faith. I have a whole new respect for the self employed. Doing what you love sounds wonderful but hard to manage financially.

I think that is kind of the best part. Now we get to grow in faith. Because we know we will be held, but we also made a small plan with the government money, and a plan with the t-shirts for the familys entertainment and allowance for the girls.

The only way any of this stops is if we stop. That is the best part. Perpetual motion. Every step we take towards good,points us to another thing to do. Every time we move in faith, we create more opportunities to have faith, but also more miracles. I am so grateful for where I am right now. I am growing in faith and love. I am meeting more people who want to help me grow and all I really have to do is say yes. God Bless you all. This is becoming such a fun journey.

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