The Farmers Market and removing the fear habit.

Today was another very profound day for me. It actually started yesterday with a book. My dear friend said she felt like I should see this book. When I saw the book I didn’t think much about it. My friend said she was interested in the part that talked about fear and chemical sensitivity. My curiosity peaked. I looked up the part she was talking about and it mentioned that woman tend to worry from fear which causes a form of adrenal fatigue. Being on steroids for the last couple of months, I started to very clearly see how this didn’t just make logical sense, but I was seeing with my own eyes kind of a mini version of my lifelong pain. Due to the withdrawal symptoms from the steroid weaning. Basically, the book said we live in fear that causes our bodies to be inflamed. When we give up the fear our bodies stop. It says if you believe that you can give up your fear and choose faith you can be healed. The key is if you believe.

Sometimes we think we believe, but we have a habit of fear. This is where I needed help from a higher wisdom than my own.

So, I asked God to show me where I have fear habits that I could get rid of because I choose faith over fear.

That day, I noticed at the Costco’s, I was looking at some plums and I really wanted to try them. However, I had a habit of fear of food. Especially the foods that put me in the hospital for anaphylaxis. Apples being the last one. But I had reactions to cherries, plums, peaches, hazelnuts, peas, beans and walnuts. Each of them a terrifying epi-pen 911 call. Lately, I had noticed foods I reacted to had been getting less and less, but I haven’t tried any of the big ones. I was afraid of a hospital trip. Not actually a fear but more of a fear habit. I have no problem being anywhere anymore. None of it really made sense to me.

The best I can explain it is like this. I have no panic or physical reaction to the fear because I am not really afraid, but my mind keeps reacting the same way with the same thoughts, because it expects me to be afraid. The best I can explain it is a story I was told about a horse. I guess a horse who sees a snake will never step close to the place it saw the snake because of some innate drive to keep the horse safe. Even though the snake is not there it automatically trains itself to never walk in the path of the snake again. That is what the fear habit is.

My plan was to face the fear by having an apple in the afternoon after my daughter and I got our nails done. She has been looking forward to the gift and I was just making sure that I didn’t ruin it with a hospital trip. (Yes I still try to control as a habit as well). God had other faith plans.

I met this wonderful man and his wife named Chris and Sandy with Healthy Weight Loss Coffee. He tells me a wonderful story and offers me his healthy coffee. I realize this is God deciding on my first test of faith. I say yes. I would not have done this before. Especially without looking at the ingredients list. But I did it. Chris continues to be incredible and offer me another one of his products and I tell him my give up the fear and be healed story. I am elated because I did my first test of faith. As I am telling him this another vendor. This kind gentleman from across the way and down a bit comes over with a bunch of cherries for me. He was too far away to hear the story and he would have never known I was allergic to cherries. I said to myself,”I guess this is the next test of faith”, and I ate the cherry. I heard my brain go wild, but I ate the cherries anyway to no reaction. In the end of the market, the beautiful man came back and gave me grapes. I told him my story and he also informed me that he had washed the cherries with apple cider vinegar. Allergy number three tested and I didn’t have to move off of my chair. He tells me that God heals all ailments. I was so grateful for his faith and his generosity.

Last I had asked God to bring to me someone that could help me a bit with the social media stuff. I really didn’t have the energy or time to get it all organized and Chris and Sandy’s daughter helped me straighten out an Instagram issue and they themselves helped me with a Facebook issue.

I felt so blessed I thought I would burst. You would think I would start to get used to these Wow moments but I just can’t seem to not be ecstatic. Too make the end of my Farmers market complete. When I was a kid my favourite thing was singing with my family and someone playing the guitar. Since my family that sings and plays guitar are in Nova Scotia, I have not had any chances to do that. Chris just walks over to me and says do you have a birthday coming up? I said yes end of July. He says we are going to friend each other and a friend of mine and I are going to play guitar at your birthday. He couldn’t of known. How could I not have faith?

All in all an amazing market and I didn’t have to sell a thing because I was so full of Joy. Now I get to test this Instagram thing out 😊 God Bless Everyone.

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