Another miracle day at the market.

My story today starts the night before. The day before Yesterday I had a problem. I woke up very groggy and not in my regular Joy place. I couldn’t understand what happened. I was nauseas, I was having problems with my intestines. The pain was spiking and I was just generally not in a great place. I had my Joy moment, as I wrote about friday, however, I was still not able to fully understand what was going on. In the afternoon sometime, I ended up with my pain patch burning so badly that I had a keen feeling I had to rip it off. I then pretty much passed out until the night time. I was able to get up for a bit and help my daughter make painted pots but then I got this idea that I needed to call my homecare nurse. It was 1130pm. I call her and she mentions that I need to go to ER to save me from going into withdrawal symptoms. I felt at peace with this but I asked if people always go into withdrawal. She said not always but it is a risk. She also said if I choose to not go tonight, then tomorrow I should really be assessed. I decided to give it up to God. When that happened I new I was fine to sleep and I was fine to go to the market. Unfortunately , I was also facing my day in possible withdrawals and no pain meds to help. I was not a hundred percent today.

I was informed Yesterday, the only way through this is to choose God or faith every moment so that’s what I planned to do. I showed up to the market and it was a beautiful day. We weren’t there five minutes before Chris with Healthy Weight Loss Coffee , shows up and says I have a gift for you.

He proceeded to give us a guitar that he bought for us to raffle off. It was a cool idea and it brought many people by to the table. I was very grateful.

The pain got pretty bad at about ten. I went for a walk with Donna my angel who shows up when ever I need her. We walked around and found Chris’ cart and we thanked him again. Then when I looked up, I saw a lady I had wanted to talk to when I was in my mri.

She had been telling me her story and we got cut off. So I said “God let me meet this lady again if it be your will” and there she was. She remembered me and told me her story and that everything was alright now. That was nice to hear. I left and she saw me again at the table. It was like I was making a new friend. So I am grateful for that. It just seems now that you ask for something in your head and God gets right on it.

When the market was almost over, my friend Donna, pulled me over to the lady next door who sold bags. She told me her story and introduced us to her beautiful family. She essentially said, it is hard sometimes but when she keeps turning to God then it all works itself out. She has six kids. One with a mild disability , but really is a huge gift. She is doing amazing things with her bags and her family.

I then get a neighbor call up in the evening to buy one of our pots. God is amazing. We go from fear, to being taken care of by other people. It is like a warm hug. I was able to make the first day without being too effected by the withdrawal from the patch and now I am the morning of day two. God is guiding me what to do and I am listening as best I can. This is an amazing journey. I hope you are all having miracles happen. God Bless ❤️

My Go Fund Me. Every bit helps

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