Affirmations and another miracle Markets

Once upon a time, I was at a seminar, and the person who was speaking said they looked in the mirror each day and repeated, “I am powerful, I am successful, I love myself”.

I tried it for a while. It fell off though from busyness. Lately, I recognized how many thoughts I had that hurt my healing. You see, one thing I have been able to establish is, healing has to do with your mind and God. I asked many people who have had long term remission and every one of them had a mental drive to live and faith that God would pull them through.

Lately, I gave it up to God to heal me, but I realized I had so many thoughts that would play over in my head. I would hear myself say things like, “nothing seems to touch the pain in my back” or ,” I am feeling so crappy right now”. How can my medicine possibly work if I don’t believe anything will? I realized that I needed to change these thoughts, but they were coming up so much I didn’t know how to stop them. That was when I realized, if I did an affirmation everytime I had a thought, I would be able to let the other one go. My affirmation is ” Thank you for my medicine that is healing me and taking away my pain”. I am saying that line so much that I have actually stopped saying anything else. I had no idea how many thoughts were stopping me.

When I woke up this morning I started my day with pain. I had expected it, since I had Chemo yesterday. I haven’t had my pain meds regulated yet. It was not a good thought to have. However, I started the day with my affirmation and prayer. My mind needed to be focused on healing and pain free.

I went to the market and was amazed. My new guardian angel, Chris gave me a spray Prevail Max that seems to help with my headaches.

“My medicine is working to heal me and take away my pain”.

I took my new pain pill. For the first time in probably a year, minus a few moments here and there, I was without my spine pain for approximately four hours. It only came back in a different form when I stood for to long.

“My medicine is working to heal me and take away my pain”.

The other very interesting thing that came with this new habit was a blocking of other bad thoughts. I believed that the weather was going to be bad. Which usually makes a slow market. I didn’t like that thought, so again I repeated my affirmation. Essentially, I think I spent two days in a monk like trans, repeating this thing over and over again, because my head has been so trained to see the negative. Well, I am happy to say I had the best market yet.

I had a beautiful little boy, look at the change he had been given by his Mom to buy a treat at the market, then say to his Mom he wanted to give it to me ,because his cousin is battling the same Cancer, and she was given the immunotherapy trial. He said I should have it too. Oh my heart.😭🥰

Then I met this wonderful man named Mike Wark. Who is in remission from Leukemia. He had an aggressive treatment start, like I did. He was given Stem cell transplantation. It has worked so far and it was just so wonderful to hear his story. In fact, today I had somewhere around five miracle stories of long term remission survivors. One of them since 1996.

I had three people ask me to pray with them. I had so many blessed donators that had their own Cancer stories. It made me wish I could go back to when the Cancer patients were suffering and let them know what I have learned so far that makes me have more Joy than pain. So many people have lost someone from Cancer and I just want to help these people so much. I want to let them know that living in Joy and Love is so much better. I want them to see that the affirmation has helped change my pain. I want to tell them about some of the things that have worked to minimize the pain a bit and make the system a more enjoyable experience. Mostly, I want them to understand that there is something worth living for on this earth.

That is when I realized that I am doing that right now. How Bizarre, that in living my truth, I am actually just giving out the lessons that God is giving to me, so that maybe I can help someone else live a little too. I guess it is worth the pain if Joy comes from it as well. We really are living this world together if we allow it. I know I am probably forgetting some of the amazing things that happened this morning but I can say this much. Everyday I am alive and choose to be a light I am seeing how amazing this world can be. I hope you get the chance to see that too. God Bless ❤️

Please if you feel it in your heart to help our family pay for the expenses of Cancer and the treatments we thank you so much or giving to our go fund me page.

Please see our Silent Auction page and bid on our pieces. Silent auction ends the 28th of July at a Barbecue birthday party being held for me at 27 Varty close. Not only to help us raise money but to celebrate me turning 43. Which I was informed I would never make. God is Good.

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