Day 1 Healing Challenge

Two weeks ago, I affirmed that God would heal me. Step one in any challenge is belief. That is real for anyone, whether they are a higher power believer or an atheist. You have to believe your goal is possible. The only challenge difference, if you don’t have a higher power, than you are doing your challenge by your own will power. If I had to do that over the past two weeks I would have given up a long time ago. Each time I faced the pain and the fear I would simply pray or meditate. I have a great app that is called Ten Percent Happier. I like this app because it has a variety of meditations I can do and some are only a few minutes. With the amount of pain I am in on a regular basis, quick is useful.

In leaving it up to God I have been guided to a few different things. One of them is some of the Auryvedic practices. One of the practices is waking in the morning and drinking warm ginger lemon water. Another is morning and night meditation. These practices are not very hard so far, so I will continue to see where they take me.

I was guided to change my pain medication and in some cases ween off of some of them. So I am doing this with the guidance of my health professionals. It has been a little difficult, but I am sure that I will even out eventually.

That last was a coffee I have every morning with a company that we where brought into. This one was important to me for two reasons. The first was it really solidified the reason to live. Not that I didn’t have many. It was just an opportunity to change people’s minds. I believe there is tremendous power in intention. When people see sick people they immediately feel bad for them. I try not to do that anymore. What I try to do is look for their reasons to be well. What better reason to heal than to promote a product that may help others to be well? Ultimately that is a win win because now people are expecting me to heal.

My goal or purpose in life is to help people heal and stop suffering from their brain. I can’t acclaim how that will all work out in the end, but it is the reason why I blog every day. Every once in a while people get it. They stop some of their suffering and live right now. They feel the Joy and they pass it on. It is so beautiful. The second reason, or bonus to selling this product, is it helps our family pay for the bills. It gives us a bigger chance at having a life worth living. Having to pinch pennies is no way to heal. This has renewed hope in the house and that is necessary for healing all of us.

Illness is not just a one person deal. Everyone that loves you is affected. It is really easy to go into a depression or anxiety. In my house right now my daughter is battling the mental health stuff and I am hoping maybe one of the products will help her. So, this is day one. I am going to try and do a weekly update and I am hopeful that we will see a change in the whole family. Until then I am motivated. Thanks for listening. God Bless ❤️

If you want to try the Healing challenge with me or if you like the looks of any of these products than please visit our website. Thanks so much for your support 😊

As always, our Go fund me page. Any support given is much appreciated. Thanks again for your support 😊

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