Walking through the fire

I have been told many times, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. I recognize, right now, everyone reading this is probably thinking” I could not go wrong with a million dollars”. However, there is a very disturbed Hitchcock show that has some guy show up to the door of this family where someone is sick, or the guy couldn’t get work. Anyways, the family has a visit by a guy who gives them the option to have the equivalent of a million dollars. However, it means some random stranger is going to die. They choose the money, because in their hearts they can make up a story to make themselves feel better. They were really doing the world a favor because the person dying was likely a criminal or an old person suffering. The human mind and it’s capabilities of denial and justification is amazing. Anyways, in the end the man basically knocks on the door and kills the guy stating that someone else chose the money. Meaning that somehow this was his penance for greed.

Be careful what you wish for. This also means something else to me. We all want things in life but we don’t always understand that most of what we want already exists we just don’t see it and a lot we could have we would just have to choose to walk through the fire to get it. It is the fire that lets us establish if it is worth having or not. Anyone could have a million dollars, they would just have to believe it and walk through the fires necessary to get it. Belief being the hardest in some cases.

I was explaining to my husband this morning about watching a baby learn to walk. If this option was given to an adult, how many people do you think would be walking right now? It would look like this. Hey buddy, I think it’s time for you to walk. You just have to stand up. Oh btw if you haven’t spent a year doing leg kicks and backwards crunches than you better get on that. So when you have your balance, then you can take a few steps. For the next year, you are going to feel the pain. You are probably going to fall down a thousand times. You might hit your head and skin your knees but in the end you will have the glorious experience of walking. I am afraid we would possibly have eliminated the species if we gave human beings the gift of consciousness when they were young.

The thing is, as a child we don’t look to the future at all. That is why we can walk,talk,ride bikes, and learn languages fast. We have no preconceived ideas about things. We just do it. As an adult we come into all situations with preconceived ideas. This means that when ever we are faced with a new challenge in life, we have to take steps through fire.

For instance, if I want to do ten pull ups, I walk into the gym and grab the bar and start doing pull ups right? Well I am a believer this should actually be possible, if you believe with all your heart. I mean a 70 year old woman lifted a car off of her grandson to save his life. I surely have the belief to do a few pull ups right? Well sure , maybe if I had to do pull ups to save my life or my kids, but if my trauma or circumstances haven’t changed my beliefs, than I am going to probably have too many preconceived ideas. I am going to walk into that gym and believe I am weak. I haven’t worked out in a while. I am overweight, etc. So if I really want to do these pull ups, I am going to have to do the work I believe I need to do, to do a pull up, or I am going to have to do what is necessary to change my mind about pull ups. Either will work, but both will take time and the perserverance to achieve this. So I can change my diet, start with an exercise regime and believe through perserverance that I will get to the point I believe I can do a pull up. Or I can give it to God with the full belief that he will make me able to do a pull up and he will give you muscle cramps everyday, five times a day or more, on every part of your body, until you have the muscles of a silver back gorilla.๐Ÿ˜‰ The point is, you must accept that there will always be a little uncomfortableness to growth. It wouldn’t be growth otherwise.

What stops us from growing is not the actual pain. It is all the ideas we have about the process and the lack of faith. What I have found is when I make a decision on something and I have pushed it because I believe it is the right thing to do. Generally I get held back from doing it because my mind is not ready for it. When I take it to God with full belief than I am guided. This is super frustrating for me because I am guided to things on Gods time, which is actually my time because I am just stuck in my head on something. The faster I am able to let things go, the better. So if God says, yes I can help you do a pull up, but you must believe that fruit is good for you. If I am still holding on to Keto kills cancer. Than I cannot do what I have to do to heal. I must believe that fruit is good for me. So evertime I see fruit I say to myself fruit is good for me. Eventually what happens is the thought goes away or I eat fruit and I feel better. It takes time sometimes, and sometimes it just happens as a sweet surprise. Either way it starts out with faith and then the pain. The pain from the breaking of habits, the pain from the exercise, if that’s what you believe, and the pain from growth in this case muscle pain. In the end, you get the experience. If we didn’t think, or at least projected the best things about doing new challenges, than we would have such amazing experiences. We just have to change our minds about pain. Pain has a reason.

In the past three days I have had a fever and a lot of pain. I was bedridden. I do not lay down easily. God knows a fever will make me lay down. So I have pain to make me lay down. If I didn’t have it I would probably not heal. I said I was healing. So I needed a fever to slow me down. Maybe someday I will learn how to rest without a fever, but until then I will walk through the fire because I know that is how I am being taken care of. I wish you all many reasons to walk through the fire, because life is not tried, it is merely survived, if your standing outside the fire. (Garth Brooks). God bless โค๏ธ

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