Labeling hurts Everyone

I was on Instagram this morning. I generally go on Instagram, because I try to follow positive people, who have great things for me to see first thing in the morning. For instance, one of my posts first thing in the morning, said list five things you are grateful for and then ask how you can make this a better day for you and someone else. What a beautiful way to wake up. Start the day off well and your day is likely to be better for sure.

Now every once in a while, my positive feed goes rogue. I had been contemplating unfollowing this writer for a bit, but I am quite sure of it now. If you are on my Instagram, than you will see it is simply about my vibe, or you are a friend and family member that I want to see what you are up to. That is all. No haters on Instagram.

This lady posted that the problem in the US is white males with guns who voted for the president and we need to get rid of them and guns. I am sorry, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Granted I am still struggling with steroid withdrawals, which makes me more angry but still, this feed was toxic. I basically said ” it is ironic that the very prejudice that this lady is trying to stop is the very prejudice that she is stating by her first sentence.” I hate labels. It is unfortunate and I am sure we are all guilty of doing it, but segregation is where prejudice comes from.

I remember having this exact conversation with my native studies professor. She was a PhD and native. The university of Calgary were so excited to have her. She was a diamond in the rough. She was huge on informing people how people did not believe that she was a PhD and all of the stuff she had to go through to get there. I was a mouthy teenager. (I am sure anyone who knows me knows that has not changed much 😆). I told her an opinion I have had for over twenty years. It developed from the time of highschool and we had segregation problem. I was in Cole Harbour Highschool. We were actually known Canada wide for our segregation issues. I told her I do not believe in segregation. I informed her I believe everytime we close people into a box, wether that be a financial group, a race group, an intellectual group or a mental group we are basically putting them in a list of our understanding, than we treat them by our prejudice. We project our perceived traits on them which makes it very hard for them to be anything else. She said that is ridiculous, the aboriginal people have worked very hard to get their culture back and they need protection to practice it. I said, really, so how many aboriginal people succeed in getting any kind of secondary education? I knew the answer to this because she had just taught us the sad statistics of post secondary education in aboriginal groups the day before. Killed by her own words😉. Then I hit her with the worst question. What reserve did you live on? She informed me that she was adopted by a beautiful couple. One a doctor and one a teacher. Which essentially proved my point. She was integrated. She had been part of general society which gave her a better chance of doing things without prejudice or preconceived ideas. She didn’t like me much after that.

The thing that bugs me is the labels. When one sees a label like stage four cancer, as a doctor, I will get treated like a person who is dying because that is what was taught by the statistics. If one sees you as Muslim in this society today then you will probably get treated as an enemy or terrorist. Despite you possibly being the nicest person ever who gives of themselves and their time.

My husband has a unique last name and a bit of a Muslim look. We can not go on an airplane without getting checked. Why? We are a family of people who if we travel is to places like Disney or Hawaii. We are generally dorks wearing Hawaiian shirts. There is nothing about us screaming that we would bring water bottles on the plane let alone bombs. Why have we gotten to this point?

The thing is, terror sells and we are becoming so good at passing on fear, that we are actually perpetuating a society of sick people who are afraid to leave their houses.

I became so fearful of crazy people hurting my children that I literally made myself sick. It is a sad society of fear and hatred that I can’t even imagine anymore. I saw a post on Facebook the other day that actually thought the purge would be a good idea. How exactly would that work? Everybody hates somebody and everyone has pissed off somebody at some point in time. Maybe the Native Arts Professor never forgave me for being so smart mouthed and I am on her purge list. I am sure my mouth has made me a few purge targets.😉 Basically you can look at it one way or another. You can come in with the heart of compassion. Forgive people for being human and live our lives by God and acceptance. Turn off the news and skip the hate stuff on our feeds so we don’t inundate our minds with fear and place love and fun back into our lives. Or we can continue to build the hate until we are sick and die, or so mad at people that we end up shooting someone and ending in jail. Hmm there is a thought. What makes us so angry that we think it is ok to suggest killing all of the drug addicts, is probably close to the anger the mass shooters feel. What a good place to start with compassion and healing yourself.

I end with this. There are few things that I cannot understand when I choose to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. If I label a person I put them in a box and then I treat them that way. If I ask God for my words I generally treat people better and the labels don’t show up. If I pass on hate I am no better than the shooters, because I am making people injusticely hate other human beings which creates more shooters. Those who live in glass houses cast the first stone. Last, I will be removing this lady because I choose happiness and love in my feeds. Beware of what you feed your mind. You do not know if there will be a day that you snap from the hate and do something that I am sure most of these people would regret over time. I hope that everyone takes the time to find five gratefuls and a person that they could help or make smile today. Good Bless ❤️😊

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4 thoughts on “Labeling hurts Everyone

  1. dermau says:

    Trying a new comment method Brandie. Please let me know if you see this. I love your blog today. I agree with everything you said. I need to pray that God will change me about two groups of people. I don’t spread hate and I try to be nice to everyone but my heart isn’t completely  there yet. God blessMaureenSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    • brandiescancer says:

      I think always the first step is recognizing that we have to forgive and then asking God to help us forgive. I have people I have to forgive on a regular basis and I always ask God for the help because I know that my problems come from brain training. But I always say I am sorry, please forgive me , thank you, I love you. I do this in my head because otherwise they may get hurt by the amount of times I do it.😉 However, through time I tend to let go because I have noticed it so much. That is the key. We can only change ourselves. God bless ❤️


  2. Maureen says:

    I agree totally with what you said Brandi. I don’t spread hate but my heart isn’t completely there yet. One group I am annoyed with and another there is fear.

    Liked by 1 person

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