If I had a million dollars.

When I began studying myself, the first question that always came up was what would you do if you had a million dollars? The premise, of course, is to eliminate the need for money. We are slaves to our thoughts about money. It blinds us from our true selves. More often than not we settle. We use coping skills to allow us to drudge along in jobs that we may sort of like, but really don’t love, in order to get by. Not a great way to live, but we do have some good times, so we justify it and move on day to day. Most of us don’t have a clue who we really are.

That is the point of the million dollar question. To think past the money and get to know what you really love. When I was first asked the question I had a hard time figuring things out about me. I wanted stuff. New mansion, a house keeper and a chef. A fancy car and my husband home from work so that I might do something more than gym stuff and Mom stuff. I loved doing things for my kids but I was not feeding myself very well. My life did not have a lot of relationship with anyone, let alone God. I was a very busy, over tired, over stressed, lonely Mom. I had kids stuff to do and some local acquaintances but I did not put myself out there. I did gym as medicine. I was afraid to call people because I didn’t want to bother them. It was a weird mindset. I was afraid of relationships. After doing a lot of self help work that consisted of meditation, yoga, Mentor’s and some seminars. I was able to change my answer to the million dollar question and now it is very different. If I had a million dollars :

  1. I would want to help people, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the sadness that can come from that. Basically I want to do what I am doing now but in a bigger scale. Maybe a vlog and of course finish the book. Possibly I would like to do public talks and volunteer.
  2. I would help people like me, who need money for their cure, money to live and pay the crazy excess expenses that nobody should have to worry about when they are struggling to heal from Cancer.
  3. I would go to Bora Bora with my kids and husband.
  4. I would take a cooking class or two with my daughter to learn how to make delicious healthy meals
  5. I would learn to play the piano and guitar
  6. I would relearn french and maybe spanish
  7. I would go back down to the Maritimes and visit my family.
  8. I would help my husband build his MLM company and go to the seminars.
  9. I would go to Las Vegas and give money to the homeless, because when I was there for my Dad’s wedding, I didn’t have any change to give this woman who was begging with her child. It broke my heart not to give to her. I promised myself that someday I would make sure I gave her as much as I could or at least someone like her.
  10. I would pay off my bills,buy my husband a truck and my kids reliable vehicles.
  11. I would pay for my cure.

I am sure this is probably more than a million dollars now, but basically this is who I am. Without the worry or concern of money, I look at this list and I see a woman who doesn’t want things as much as experiences. That is a lot different than a mansion and a maid. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind help, but I would much rather have time together with friends and family, doing amazing things and having amazing experiences. A house is a place you lay your head, but a home is a place you lay your heart. My home may not have a tonne of fancy stuff but it has my heart which is my family. That is enough. Oh and my tub. That is very important πŸ˜‰.

I hope you will ask yourself what you would really want to do if you were financially secure. I hope it changes your perspective on life. I may barely be able to pay for food and some essentials right now but I know it won’t always be like that. My job is to keep the faith and continue to have dreams to concentrate on. I don’t need a million dollars to keep blogging. I may not need the money to find the cure. I will someday be able to take music lessons and there are even apps for that. I may just need time. It is funny how this excercise puts some things into perspective. Feel free to share your list if you want or just share it with yourself. You may find that you are already very grateful for your life and all you need is to realize what you really need to be happy is right within your reach. I wish you all a beautiful life with many joyful experience’s. I also wish that everyone could be financially secure, so that everyone could see what is really important in their lives. God Bless ❀️

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One thought on “If I had a million dollars.

  1. Maureen says:

    If I had more money when I was younger so that I could have had a nanny, I would have had more children. Today I am content. It would be nice to pay off the mortgage on my children’s homes and to be able to help the needy more.

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