Like war veterans with our scars.

Today I met some amazing women at a bridal shop by Superstore. The ladies were incredible with my daughter, helping her pick out her grad dress and they were also just generous lovely ladies. The one lady, who I assume was the owner, introduced me to one of her workers who was on her fourth year of Chemotherapy from lymphoma cancer. She told me that she has gone through four Chemos, multiple radiation therapies and two bouts of stem cell transplants. I was truly excited to meet her.

The thing that makes me excited the most about these encounters is for a little bit I don’t feel alone. I have not met too many people who were currently on Chemo. It was so refreshing to hear her pause when she was talking. I try to explain this to people but nobody can understand it in the way this girl would. I told her I was just in love with the way she talked like me. She said the Chemo brain. She told me that she was once talking to her father and she paused for a moment and forgot everything she had said before that moment. It was incredibly refreshing to know that it was possibly Chemo that made me this way and not brain damage. She then mentioned that she even lost her ability to do simple math. I was so grateful for that comment that I high fived her. She must have thought I was crazy. However, I had tried to explain this to my family and they had a hard time believing it. It is not all the time. Sometimes I can remember how to do math but sometimes I can’t. Then I mentioned Steroids and she said Roid Rage. I was in love. The thing is it is hard doing this alone sometimes. I am not alone, alone. It is just, the TNBC Facebook sights can be hard to read. A lot of people die on that site within a very short time. Because a lot of people are in the States, Britain and Australia, I read about a lot of people going into remission from treatments that I am unable to get in Canada. I don’t have the relatability with that experience. I have this lovely breast cancer survivor, who takes me to yoga with her, but her experience was quite different than mine as well. This girl was not the same Cancer but completely relatable. It was like talking to an old war veteran. You may not know each other but you have the same scars.

I was amazed that she could still be going through treatments and working. It gave me hope. I love my people. I have beautiful people in my life, friends,family,and Social Media. Some of the most incredible support I have received have been from people I have never even met. No one person less important than the other.

I told a friend a story today about my part in a God moment and she said I had a special soul. I told her that God puts people in places for his purpose. I just try to listen. That is the whole truth. I try to listen to my heart as much as I can. It wasn’t until recently I realized that listening to God, your intuition, or what ever you want to call it, is a muscle that we can train and excercise. I am grateful for the chance to hear God better. It has been a real blessing to listen to my heart and have so many amazing moments with so many amazing people. I am glad I listened to my heart today and went to put a payment on my daughters beautiful grad dress. Never underestimate your power to make someone’s day. We are all very special human beings worthy of all the love we tend to forget to give ourselves. I am grateful for you all. Never take for granted that little voice inside of you, it may just lead you to a wonderful gift. Thanks for being a gift to me. God Bless ❤️

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