Experience Life

Today I was asked to go to a vision board making group. I had made vision boards before but I thought why not. I am not sure what I had better to do and life is about experience right? So I went along. I love going along. Life is not lived in fear of new things. I love meeting new people. It makes me recognize that people are all in different stages of their lives and I am glad to have a small part of it in someway most of the time. Sometimes I know why I am in a situation. Usually it is to learn something, but sometimes I believe God puts me into places to have others learn from me. Like the gym for instance.

I go to the gym as often as I can. It usually works out to around three to five times a week but there has been more and less. I don’t do a heavy workout but I do at least 30minutes on the elliptical Trainer and or the stationary bike. Then I do some yoga and or weights for 20 min depending on my energy level.

I do this for me to feel better. You are not sick when you are on an elliptical Trainer right? Or at least that is what I tell myself. I meet people at the gym sometimes and people do the most beautiful things. People look me in the eyes and put their hands together to signal praying for me. Women stop me in the locker room to tell me how I make their workouts better because they figure if I can show up so can they. I have a beautiful man that sits with us most mornings in the massage chairs who told me when I was gone last week it worried him. He looks forward to seeing me everyday because he is inspired by me. I feel blessed to be used by God to help these people. By my experiences other people get their own. What a wonderful world.

Along with experiencing new things I am a big advocate for giving experiences to others. I wrote before about giving the trip of a lifetime to my Grandmother. I get unexpected things out of helping others to have amazing experiences. This week I was able to do two things. The first was a trip to Edmonton space science centre to a Marvel Comics exhibit. My daughter told me about it and we knew we had to take the time to help my husband see his favorite hero’s.

He was like a kid the whole time. He got to pretend he was ironman. He literally stood in line with a bunch of kids to do it. I never knew much about Marvel Comics but I learned a lot of new things. It was really interesting. I almost wanted to go out and buy a comic book.

Next we were offered an opportunity to rescue a deaf puppy. I have to say, if you know us as a family we are suckers for sick, harmed, abused or hard to adoot animals. Our cat Mama was thrown out pregnant and literally almost threw herself and her kittens under my car to be rescued. To this day she does not move very far from the front door because she never wants to live alone again.

My daughter wanted this puppy deep in her soul so we travelled to get it. I am not experienced in training a deaf dog but I would assume there are precious few who are. I was asked what would happen if I died? Who would train the dog then? I really don’t plan on dying but if that came about I have a lot of trust in my youngest daughter who has an animal whisperer gift like my self and who is going to primarily take care of the dog. I have also been asked if I need the extra stress of a puppy? I must say, for me alone, there is nothing more entertaining and now inspiring than a puppy. It keeps you on your toes and your mind fresh. I am not worried. I knew if it was going to be a problem I would have felt it. I didn’t feel any fear at all. This was supposed to be mostly my daughter’s experience but so far I have felt nothing but Joy and education from this Puppy. I now recognized that I rely heavily on my voice with the animals. Frosty (named by my daughter) just looks at me like I am an interesting mouth moving care giver that she likes a whole lot because I carry food around with me.

An unexpected gift that came from this was my larger senior dog ran in the back yard for the first time since we lost our other little senior dogs. We were sure that Buddy was depressed and in pain. Today he acted young again. I am grateful. I am not sure what a new dog in our house means but I see that it is going to be a positive challenge and a blessing for all of us. Maybe it will even teach me to talk less.πŸ˜‰ Nah I like my voice too much. I guess what I want to say today is this. Say yes to knew experiences. It just might be a beautiful gift for you. Say yes to helping others experience new things because other people’s Joy is beautiful. And of course love your animals and take care of them. They may be the biggest blessing you have. β™₯️ God Bless
everyone 😊

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