Holy Yoga

Yesterday evening I tried my first Holy Yoga. A friend, and a genuinely beautiful person named Marri, asked me if she could do the yoga special as a fundraiser for my family. I am still bona fide overwhelmed by the kind hearts that exist and how God chooses to use them. I am very grateful and blessed. Marri invited me and my daughter to join her and I have to admit I was happy but a little apprehensive. I love yoga but I am still physically unable to do some yoga positions and some faster yoga sets. I wanted to try it though so after having Marri assure me that there would be no acrobatics I was on my way with my big green yoga mat.

Now I am going to tell you a secret about myself that is a little bit of my vulnerability sticking out, so please be kind. Since I had been laying in bed for essentially a year, my sphincter muscles may not be a strong as they used to be. I lost a little bit of my keagle strength as well. So for years I wouldn’t go to any active moving yoga because of these issues. Active means less concentration on clinching. I started attempting to reastablish yoga back in my life by doing it in my house. Now if you haven’t figured out where I am going with this I will quit the suspense right now and come right out with it. When  I do yoga I fart. I try not too but I really have less control over this bodily function than I did when I was younger. However, butt up in the sky squeezing your abs tight is just a rocket ship waiting to happen.

Once in my bedroom, my daughter and I were doing yoga with candles on and I swear to you I blew air so hard out of my bottom area that it put the candles out two feet away. To make my condition a little more sexy, I have pushing incontinence from having babies. So if I sneeze or bare down in any way I pee. When I was coughing with the lung clots, I got so tired of changing pads that I started wearing depends diapers. So you can see why I may be a little apprehensive about going out into public and attempting something that may guarantee me humiliation? Well having a life and friends are worth it, so I took the leap. And to answer your question yes I may have had a few squeezers in holding my knees to my chest but it didn’t take anyone out and we didn’t have to evacuate the building. I must be getting stronger muscles. 😁 Sorry to anyone who had to sit beside me.

We started the yoga nice and easy. I was happy about that. Not only was I not ready for vigorous anything but I was really enjoying the music. I found the Christian music refreshing and the Bible quotes nice markers to keep the mind grounded. It was very refreshing to have yoga done this way. I know a number of Christ followers who feel repelled by yoga because it was first practiced as a religious exercise. This was unfortunate because I find yoga such an excellent stress reliever and beautiful core exercise experience. Holy Yoga combines the best of two world and is down with deep love and understanding. The first words I was told was if I feel pain in anyway then I could shavasana (sleep) the whole time and she would wake me up when we finished. I am glad to say I made it through with no wake up calls necessary. In fact the only issues I really had was with my balance. We went into star pose and I could not catch my balance. I grabbed my daughter so many times to not fall down that she burst out laughing causing the lady beside me to chuckle lightly and of course fall a little as well.😉

I guess all I can say is that Holy Yoga is the bomb. It is light exercise and stretching for all ages with no stigma. Nice ladies coming together to learn to fall in love with themselves and their bodies. An instructor who is passionate about sharing her love at a reasonable price in a great and easy to park location. She will be running two more this year at the Jazzercise studios in the 76 centre on Thursday nights at 720pm.

I am already being honored such a gift from being able to do this yoga but Marri has also collected me some gift certificates that helped my family tremendously with food and we were able to get the dogs a few bones to help with training and a couple of subway and Tim Hortons coffee dates because of the generous people who couldn’t come but dropped off donations to help us out at Christmas time. I am just so grateful for the kindness of strangers. So I ask, any of my Christian friends who didn’t want to try out yoga for their fear of false God worship, please come try this out. It is so beautiful listening to Paul’s words on love while stretching in babies pose. It is a beautiful way to meditate on the Bible. For those who don’t care. Come for the people , the music and the passion of Marri to give something wonderful to her beloved community. Thanks for listening and for all of your prayers and support for my family.

As some of you may know that my husband had to go back to work anywhere he could because we literally have used up every savings, credit card, money making ideas we have. My 13 year old daughter had to come home from school to make sure I am not home alone, since my memory issues make me a bit of a danger to myself when it comes to money recollection and cooking but also my med increases means I have to have someone around in case of overdose.

We are working on things but it really is a great blessing to me when friends like Marri take on some of my burden and try to help us financially. My beautiful friend Donna takes me to Chemo appointments and is always giving me things to help keep my spirits up. She is my biggest art fan and the best hugger. My Mom takes me for walks and her husband makes sure I get to the hospital even if it means he has to wait around for an hour long MRI. My neighbor Melissa and her children are often finding things for us to do with them so we don’t get lost or forgotten. When Twitter strangers give us gifts because they have huge hearts it means so much to me and my family. When my scared and struggling depressed daughter had a smile because her boyfriend and his family are offering to pay for her medication because our coverage was dropped by a clerical error it gives me Hope. When a team from across the country collect money for me because they saw my story on her line. I just can’t tell you how warm it makes my heart. People mean so much more than they will probably ever really know or understand. So come to yoga next Thursday and let me hug you. I am so grateful for all of beautiful human beings. Peace be with you. Amen🙏

PS: This is my Go fund me page. Any support that is given is much appreciated and goes towards helping my family survive and fight for a cure that is not yet available to me in Canada. My goal is to live and this medicine is the only known treatment that puts woman with Triple Negative Breast Cancer into remission. Thanks again for all of your support and Prayers

PS2:To help my family make money we sell a health product that I support because it helps me have coffee again without being sick. This Healing coffee is akaline and has nutrients in it. I also use some of the detox stuff to help with the Chemo. If you are interested in helping and enjoying a healthy coffee please check out our company website. Thanks so much for your support and God Bless ❤️😊.