Where have you been?

I have been asked this a couple of times this past month. I guess I had gotten into a groove of writing in the past and a few things have knocked me offline. First I got a little pneumonia. Strong antibiotics apparently make me fall asleep every time I sit down for a few seconds . This makes for a difficult writing environment. I also found it very difficult to do anything without the full lung capacity. Exercise is important, but really hard to do when you can’t breathe well. So I didn’t get to go to the gym for a while. I also have  had a few projects I have been trying to get done that kept me busy when I was awake enough to do something. I was given some material at Christmas time to make my sister a new dress jacket. It is a beautiful pattern and I have been working hard to get the jacket just right. It is quite a sewing project and extra hard to do when you’re falling asleep at the machine. Even now as I write, I have fallen asleep four times. I keep having to go back and erase random letters. πŸ˜‚ Nobody said this Cancer stuff was easy. More often then not I am drifting off and having to reset.

I am still being overwhelmingly humbled by the church giving me food and my friends and family helping us out. I would not be able to live without their generosity. So I am glad that has taken a bit of my time.

Most of you who read my Facebook know that my 13 year old daughter decided that she wanted to come home to homeschool so that she could look after me, so my husband could go back to work. It has been a lot of adjustment and trying to figure out how to set a kid up to do a very adult job. That has been a lot of work to do. My daughter is an amazing girl. She is very smart, very giving and very compassionate. She has had some minor issues that we have been able to figure out as best we can with her timing and her online schooling. She tended to run out of time and homework was not getting done at first but we figured it out. Appointments had to be juggled by my eldest daughter and my family and friends. The amount of work it takes to manage a household with a sick person is incredible. The meds alone are a daily chore that sometimes get forgotten. I have been blessed with many Angels to help us get ourselves together and working. We have also been blessed with prayers of abundance and work for Ken. He was not sure if he was going to be put on a regular schedule. We are very grateful he is. Our goal is to get caught up and hopefully get enough to consider some treatments in the States or Australia. Wherever I have to go to get cured. I am feeling a cure would be very helpful right now.

In the meantime I have been learning more sewing tricks with the Red Deer Sewing Centre classes. I love it. It is like going to school again and school is my favorite place to be. I guess, in a way, that is making me feel guilty that my daughter had to stop school to take care of me. She assures me that she doesn’t love school as much as I do but I still feel a little bad.

Also, we have been busy training the puppies. Both of my daughters were given the gifts of puppies. One of our puppy babies is deaf, which makes it a bit more of a challenge. Every morning we try to continue their growth by positive treat training. I am still learning a number of ASL words every day, to help with some of this. Now sometimes I start signing to people other than the dogs. It is hilarious really. I am shaking my βœ‹ hands back and forth in a clap saying good girl to complete strangers.

Cheech and Dixie

The need for a stair lift is pretty high right now but not many people carry an extra $10000 in their pockets. Honestly, often everything comes down to money which is pretty depressing. On the bright side, I have decided to make puppy pjs to sell, as well as neckties and puppy carrier’s. I figure it will be a good way to save up for some of the medical equipment I may need. I will put it out their again. I am not opposed to being adopted by a millionaire who wants to set me up.πŸ˜‚ All in all the busyness has been mostly due to change. Some wonderful changes and some not so lovely changes. I am still grateful I am here!

A video of me crawling up the stairs while My sometimes evil children find my struggles quite funny and laugh and video me instead of help me up the stairs.

Lastly, I am trying to do all of this while feeling a lot of pain and nausea, do to the Chemo sets, and the bone builder. It really seems like a little thing but the Chemo does make things difficult sometimes. I am falling down occasionally because of either the Chemo inflammation messing with the brain Mets or just simply Chemo brain. I am getting so forgetful sometimes it is like early Alzheimer’s. It is not only frustrating, sometimes it’s debilitating. I am grateful the girls are starting to understand what to do with the brain lulls. I guess time cures patients. Anyways, lots of updates for you not a lot of wisdom. I am trying to listen to some books while I sew so maybe I will have some great epiphanies. If not then may you have some for me. What ever happens I wish you all great wisdom. Please visualize my healing or at least me riding up and down my stair lift. Blessings to you all and all a good night rest. They keep telling me I need sleep to heal. So I am wishing for a good night rest. Much love. Brandie