We are all Human have some Grace please🤗

For three weeks now I have been working on this jacket for my sister, in between puking and sleeping. Pneumonia sucks. It was almost completely bought and paid for by my friend Donna who helps me get to Chemo . She is the best lady ever. I was excited about making it for my baby sister, because the last jacket she had like this, has lasted 15 years. My sister asked me the other day,when she was taking me to my CT scan, if I could sew her pocket, and she lifted up her arms. Well the whole armpit of the jacket  was holy on both sides. They would need to be patched so much we may have to put her in the play ,coat of many colors,😂  I am so glad I can give her a jacket that matched her old one. Hopefully she gets another 15 years out of it.

This week I also have been given the great pleasure of dealing with Mathew from @ScotiaBankhelps who helped our family get a reprieve from some of our payments this month. Were are also glad for Gabriel  and Thomas’s help and the support of #Scotiabank in general through all of this. Some of my creditors have been really nasty with no understandable reason. For instance my mortgage through #Lendwise, which is actually subbing it through a company @computertrustcompanyofcanada
Is basically threatening us and pulling dirty tricks to take the mortgage out anyway. They made it impossible to put a stop payment on because they put it through in both their names. This means if I have any money in that account for food it is taken. I was so grateful the #Scotia Bank straightened out some of this. However, when I talked to lendwise they were pretty rude with me like I was a criminal and I told them right from the beginning that I was terminal cancer and was informed by my doctor’s I was not able to deal with these issues. He basically informed me that I would lose the house and I needed to pay right away. I told him I didn’t have $ 200 in the bank and Ken would not get paid until the tenth to the fourteenth. I asked them for a credit reprieve where the could add a few payments to the end of the mortgage and he said I needed to find a job. I told him I was terminal stage four breast cancer. Would you like to hire me? I asked . He basically said it wasn’t their policy. The problem with these little talks is one, the stress of them makes my brain shut down so half the time I don’t understand what they are saying but number 2. Who yells at a terminal cancer patient and basically threatens to take their house in the cold of winter. Especially when she is trying to get help to pay them? I was asking for an extension so we don’t have to pay them zero. We are asking for a way to collaborate so we can both win. Why would you been mean and angry about that?

Some of the other companies have been cordial and for that I have been very grateful but honestly, where are people’s Grace and Love? Despite that rifamaroll, I am grateful I am healing from the pneumonia. Sometimes pneumonia is the one that takes cancer patients out, but luckily I just got a bunch of coughing and peeing my pants every once in a while. Thank God depends look pretty now.😂

I wish people realized that we are all Human. You don’t need to be a jack ass to win. Help will make me tell the world about you. Leave me homeless and I am going to tell the world about how you tried to make the dying woman who is constantly in pain homeless. That doesn’t sound very good at all for your business. Please all businesses learn there are better ways to do things. Thinking of businesses, I am trying to start a small business that will have to do with me making pjs for dogs, so that they don’t have to have surgery cones. Also there are pjs that are weighted for puppy anxiety, and I am going to try and make those too. I want to make a doggy and kitty specialized store. I was even thinking about matching outfits. For instance I plan on making a matching jacket for Aunties (my baby sister) puppy. So big things coming I hope. My body just needs to keep up. I am so excited for the possibilities of the future. I have heard they may even have the Cancer cure coming to Alberta. I am on a trial list. So cross your fingers and pray that I am one of the early picks for the study. I may be cured by next year. Pray Pray pray. I am very grateful for the possibilities. I love you guys. Please share and remember Go Fund me is still open if you want to help us out with catching up or putting money towards the cure for me. But please know, as much as you give of anything, your kindness, your hope, and your prayers help me the most. You are all my angels. I send you all my ❤️