Covid 19 housebound Happy Easter

Well Happy Easter everyone. I hope everyone is well and home, like they should be. I know, before the Cancer, I would have been likely a stressed out mess because of the pandemic . Now I figure, after defying the doctor’s death diagnosis at least 12 times, if the good Lord takes me, there is likely a reason. I am not going to live my life like I have already died.  That is not useful. But I am smart enough to know that this virus kills people and I don’t want to be the reason some nurse or doctor does not go home to their kids because I was selfish. We are one in this world. If this disease has taught us anything, it should be that our actions can affect other people. We need people in this world and we  should be grateful there are wonderfully amazing people that meet that need. That being said, I have been thinking that common sense may have left the building sometimes. I was told the other day that a lady was in the store and some kid came up to her and sneezed in her face while she was bending over to pick something up. I am not sure that taking all your kids to the store during a pandemic may be the best idea. You really would feel terrible if your baby was in ICU suffering alone because you didn’t take this seriously.

My daughter and me have been making masks with vacuum bags inside. We were told by Mr Google that vacuum bags makes a good filter for the masks. I personally don’t know why I didn’t make these masks a long time ago. The are much more comfortable to wear than my hearty surgical masks.

I think I look cool too. Like a master villian in the comic books. Mwhahaaa 😂. I digress. I have found that this has been an interesting time for me. I stopped being on the social media too much because I can’t be inundated with negative. Social Media likes to post the worst even though my feed is actually quite enlightening. I am really grateful for that. I browse by quickly in instagram and I see many cats and dogs. It is obvious that animals are a priority for me. Then I tend to see speakers like Brenee Brown and Jay Shetty. They are great speakers to help me smile. I love this because instagram Facebook and Twitter all have an algorithm that tries to post the stuff you would be most interested in. This means that my algorithm is full of peace, spiritualism and animals. Oh yes and I forgot art and sewing. I am proud of that. It shows me I have become the person I want to be. I am living my truth. No lies. Just me. It is wonderful and convenient. If I am feeling blah or sad,there is usually a saying, Ted talk, or a cat falling of a chair to cheer me up. That is the awesomeness of social media. There is only one thing that trumps your algorithm and that is a tragedy. When there is a mass shooting or a major earthquake, my feeds gets taken over by fear, dread and people putting their feet in their mouths. I have heard some doosies lately. The best one was that this was a rich man conspiracy to eliminate everyone over 60 so that we can take their retirement fortunes. I don’t know about you, but these conspiracy theories are almost worse than what’s really going on. It commits people to hating a group of people and hate is not right. That’s how Hitler began. He manipulated people into believing that a group of people were evil and allowed other, easily manipulated people, to perpetrate immoral acts. It is basically how wars are started. I think the world needed a healthy dose of reality. We are hurting people struggling with our sad thoughts and continue to believe that we are the victims of something. “I am poor because the rich hoard the money”. “I am sick because of large companies messing with my fruit” It places me against them and it foster’s hate.  Hate is not where I want to live. So to make a long story longer, I simply turn it off sometimes. I take a social media vacation. I know this post is all over the place, but my brain is a little scattered lately. The routine is off. My new Chemo makes me tired and craving sugar. I guess I am grateful that I can eat at all really. The nausea makes it hard sometimes to do anything. So I am going to end saying this. Love your neighbor because often they are the ones that help you the most. Believe in the good of people and finally love the ones you are with. You never know when you might be stuck in a house with them for weeks on end. 😜 Stay safe everyone and God Bless 🙏❣️

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