All is as it should be.

Sometimes I wake up early in the morning with the most profound messages. I believe that God is always talking to us. We just rarely take the time to listen. This morning I woke up with a message in my brain. The message was “everything is as it should be.” I have had this message before. Each time I hear it I resist it a little. I really don’t want to believe that the anger, hurt and frustration I see from this worldย  sometimes, could be a real part of this amazing thing called life, but it is. The reason why I can say this with absolute rigidity is simply because it is what’s happening. The world has no mistakes, it has experiences. No more, no less. It’s absolute. It is a law because it is what happens, like gravity. Very few people can explain away gravity because if they jumped off of a cliff they would probably quickly learn that they were falling.

My doctor’s and many other people believe I am going to die. It is a truth as much as we know it. I don’t know anyone who is immortal, so a law for me is that I am going to die just like the other 7 billion humans who will also die from this earth. From my doctor’s experiences, they have only seen the death that comes with Cancer. It makes it real for them and gives them the purpose of treating it. If Cancer did not kill nobody would care. It is hard to explain this to most people. We all have a strong sense of what is right and wrong but rarely do you find two individuals that believe in the same things so much so, that they could agree that all of their thoughts are laws. That’s where we go wrong as human beings. We thoroughly believe we are right in all of our thoughts. Everything is law. If that were true though, we would simply write your thoughts in a book and everyone could run by it. Problem solved right? Well how do we choose which one of us to listen to? That’s the thing.Even when we do choose, like Jesus and Buddha, there is still too much imagination to make the book anything less than guidance. We are too egocentric and too imaginative. We make our own laws up. We can twist anything to make ourselves right. That’s why I say we are all right. If we were alone that would always be true. Now, the one catch to this is we are social beings so we are only going to be right for as long as we are alone. When another person comes along they are right. At least in their minds. So than what or who is right? I guess the answer to that is that we are all right and everything is as it should be. If we are here to have experiences than good or bad we are having experience. What makes it wrong or right is the other person’s perspective. So the logic in that is that everyone is equally as right and as wrong as anybody else. Yes this is what keeps my mind awake at five am. I am grateful for my newfound existentialism but I must say, sleep may be a bit more productive. ๐Ÿ˜‚. I guess that is the point isn’t it. Everything in the world right now is as it should be up to and including if I am experiencing the weird words that come to my head in the middle of the night. Now for another chance at sleep. I hope it goes better tonight than last night. Many blessings to you all and to all a good night. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘

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