It’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits come out. Funny quote but the reality is shit happens like anything else. Nobody knows until whoops ðŸ¤—

A similar story my Nane used to say was well shit happens, and it absolutely does. You are frolicking one minute that oopsie row. Tonight I listened to a child screaming about a miscarriage she was or may not take. More method is like a royal velvet noose . I would give away all I head for such a noose. I would give it to spend more time with my babies. People just don’t know what the they want . I want 10 plus or more of my babies babies. I wanta day with out pain. I want dance class and tourneys. I wanta puggle and a small business that pays pills. I wanta dig the pays rent. Trustme,a look in little puggletime would be heaven.Right now I am looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. It’s heated and scary. Noone knows who wins. I just ask to breath. Some on way more. Some want want win. I want to survive. I want my babies. So when you fear anything anymore just remember someone is going to want some thing they may not have. Give them compassion. You may find that God pays. God’s blessings.