Go Fund Me

I am a very blessed womGo Fund me Paan. I have a family that is amazing. I have a body that has withstood 10 double Chemo treatments. Full brain radiation and multiple scans and procedures to keep getting up every day. I am currently on both radiation and Chemotherapy to stop a disease that takes woman from their families daily. In Canada I cannot have the one treatment that has proven to eradicate the fast moving killers and I need to be with my family. This Go Fund me Page will help me get this treatment as well as live each day I have with my family for as long as I have. Basically right now every morning I wake up is a miracle. I don’t actually have a timeline anymore. I am literally Day to Day which is both terrifying and so amazing at the same time. Any help you can give goes to keeping us going as a household and helps my family and I survive. It goes towards getting a medical treatment that is not available in our health care system for me. Please go to my page Go fund me page if you can help. Please share your ideas and prayers. This is all up to God and people like you who are willing to share your gifts can’t Thank You enough just for being so wonderful. God Bless and once again thank you so much.

Most sincerely,