Valentus Health Journey

One day I was at the market and I had given myself a challenge. I was informed by a book from a friend that there was fear and there was love which was God. The book informed me that if I had no fear that I would be healed from my ailments. At this time I was challenging myself to have no fear about food because I had feared my allergies killing me for so long that I was basically constantly afraid. I chose to believe that day and that was when I met Chris. He sold Valentus and he asked me to try his Coffee. I tried it and didn’t look at the ingredients. I was OK. Then another neighboring vendor brought me over some Cherries. I knew I was allergic to them but I trusted God and sure enough no allergies. Since then I have been using the coffee, which is weird because I can’t generally have coffee due to the steroids I am weaning off of. This was a blessing for me because I really enjoy coffee in the morning.  I figured if I was going to use it everyday then we might as well sell it, since we definitely need the income.  Now I am on something called Emulin C . I am looking forward to being healed and I am hopeful this will work well. Our Shop is  at this link and  Valentus  we have samples at the market.  Thanks again for your support.